11 April 2010

do note:

AWESOME job well done OM-ers (: Congratulations :D now it's time for you people to come back for drama because we miss you tons!!! 

On The side note:
Please not that CCA stand down will only be after 15/04/2010 (there will still be session!) 
All seniors are to come down for drama on monday (12.04.2010) in your school based tshirt and bottoms.

Do note that there will be NO temporary committee for this week and the usual comm will come back up to position (: However, due to extra curriculum and remedial, we will be asking someone to take the Key. 

*please stop asking the comm about the results for the new committee. We would not reveal anything as the final decision lies in Miss Lim and Miss Chew. thank you 

drama comm. 2009-2010 

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