28 December 2010


Dear Drama Club!

2010 is coming to an end! However, 2011 is coming REAL soon! So you are ready for the challenges next year, especially SYF! Lets put in all our efforts and get the award that we always wanted! 

Now about next year's sessions.

Sessions would now be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, from 3.30pm to 6.30 pm. Session will start on 4th Jan. It would be a short one, so its from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

Drama Comm.

12 November 2010

The way to SCAPE

Hey drama club!

As you should all know, there is a SYF camp on the 15th to the 19th of nov. If you do not know the way there, we will be meeting at AMK mrt station at 7.30am of meet at Summerset station  at 8am. 


26 October 2010

Information on following sessions.

Hey Drama Club!

Session this Thursday would be from 2pm - 5pm. Please be reminded to bring your scripts. Actors who acted in  the Happy Prince would have to practice their lines and you have to show it to Ms Jo during the session in the Dec holidays. Refer to the following for the sessions during the holidays.

15/11/10 to 19/11/10 - SFY camp (only for the cast members and some of the backstage crew.)
24/11/10 (Wed)- 10am to 1pm.


Drama Comm.

14 October 2010

Drama Sessions Resume!

Hey Drama Club!

How was your EOY examinations? Today is marking day! So rest well!(:

So just to inform everyone that Drama sessions would resume next Thursday, 21/10/10, from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. If you have any valid reasons for not attending the session, please inform Ms Lim personally. 

Wish all of you the best for your results!

Drama Comm.

15 September 2010


Dearest Drama Club,

Please please please be reminded that drama sessions will not resume until after exams and the dates are not confirmed. We will inform you about the sessions after the EOY examinations.

The drama committee would also like to wish everyone good luck for the upcoming EOY examinations(: WORK HARD!hahahas(:

Drama comm.

29 July 2010

Another July babyy!!

Heyy Drama Club!

Hows life without nomad??Haha(: so. another July baby is born...n he is... HONG KIAT!!!HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY! Drama Club Wishes you a very happy birthday and an unforgettable one too!!(:

heres a little something!

Birthday Graphics

I know you would think its lame but its the thought that counts! It looks kind of nice actually((:

Have fun!
Drama Club.

18 July 2010

Well done!!


You guys did great!! (but still, there's still room for improvement(: )hope that all of you had a great time! especially the partying part!!Haha(:

so yea.. back to business. This whole week, there will not be any drama sessions. So rest well okay? Also, the week after(26/7 onwards), sessions will only be on mondays. There will not be any thurs sessions until further notice.

Lastly, tomorrow, its Yi Chen's birthday!!so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! don't worry, the whole club will sing a song for you during the next session!haha(:


drama comm.

05 July 2010

Another Birthday!!

Hello drama club!

2day is our dear sec 3 Melvin's Birthday!Happy 15th Birthday Melvin!hahas.so here's something from drama club!..Birthday Graphics

hope you have enjoyed(n is enjoying) your birthday!

drama club

27 June 2010

Back to School!

Hey Drama Club,

wow the holidays have passed so quickly! School is reopening tomorrow already.So does drama sessions!Hope all of you are ready! So tomorrow, drama session starts at 4.30pm to 6.45pm. If there are any changes, we will inform you. Thanks(: enjoy your last day of hols!

Drama comm.